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Mocca Premium

Mocca is cannabis flower grown outdoors - Uruguay

Moca is a exclusive cultivar hemp varieties in the industry. The strain is a select phenotype of the high yielding Berry Blossom crossed with the stout and reliable R5. Expect a complex floral and cherry overtone of candied raspberries açai berries and pine skunk.

Type: Flower
CBD: 15,51 %
THC: 0,83 %
Culture: Greenhouse
Scent Profile: Açai berries, pine skunk, floral

Fed Tonic Premium

Produced Outdoor, in Maldonado, Uruguay, the fed tonic Cannabis variety is one of the most awarded and known for its density and size of its flowers covered with yellow-orange trichomes, drawing in places on the brown, giving it a unique appearance.

From grilled hazelnuts with a woody and earthy side to more fruity and sweetscents of honey and flowers, its aromas are playful and surprising!

Type: Flower
CBD: 14,51 %
THC: 0,00 %
Culture: Greenhouse
Scent Profile: Fruity & sweetscents of honey & flowers

Sour Lifter

This flower of Cannabis Moca also grown in outdoor California, USA.

Effective for those who suffer from depression or simply for those who need a stimulant. It is also consumed to spice up a relaxing experience.

Type: Flower
CBD: 19,60 %
THC: 0,00 %
Culture: Outdoor
Scent Profile: Strong citrus fruit, pine and hops.

Queen Dream

The flower of Cannabis Queen Dream grown in outdoor and greenhouse in Maldonado - Uruguay

Queen Dream is mild flavored with high CBD.

The legendary R5 was crossed with a select phenotype of the The Wife, a Colorado heirloom strain that has been cultivated for over 8 years.

Type: Flower
CBD: 14,04 %
THC: 0,00 %
Culture: Greenhouse
Scent Profile: itrus, candy, sweet, flora.